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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

182 days of drought and then...

3 solid days of rain. Not good: car accidents, flooding, mudslides, our dirt road turning to a river of mud. Butthese are great knitting days, cuddled up in the log home with the rain pounding, a few candles lit, surrounded by yarn. My life is extremes I guess, some weeks I travel all over the country, this week I haven't left the house since Saturday.

Today I wasn't up for working on the sweater so I worked on the hat I cast on Saturday. Nothing fancy about the yarn, but I love the colors and think it is making a great hat. I have enough for a cravat scarf as well, I think it will be good with blue jeans and denim jacket. I also worked a little more on my Touch Me scarf.

I am starting to get a list together of my works in progress and have figured out how to list them on the blog. Tomorrow I will photograph and start posting them, which will require me to acknowledge how many there are. Should really get me going on them!


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