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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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Square for Knitting Class - Embossed Chain Posted by Hello

Square # 8 Square-A-Long Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Have you ever drawn a complete blank?

I can't remember how I picked up stitches last time to make the booga bag. I had no problem last time, but this time I am drawing a complete blank. I am going to try again tomorrow, and if I still can't do it I will bring it to knitting class. I am probably over tired and fried from a busy day at work, maybe tomorrow it will come back to me.

I made some good progress on the rose square and on the blanket that is hanging on the Diva right now. I have half a skein of yarn left to finish the blanket on the machine then I am going to take it off and work the edges by hand. I am going to use a long circular needle to work four rows of garter stitch on either end, but I am not sure what I will do on the sides. Since it is all stockinette stitch I need to do something to keep it from curling. I could pick up stitches and do garter stitch, or do some type of crochet edge. I am not much of a crocheter so I am not sure what would work.

I am too tired to do much else today, probably just a few more rows on the rose square and then to sleep.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Diva Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Diva and I ...

really had it out today. If she is going to take up this much space in my life she better learn to behave. I was carefully working along on my son's blanket when the cartridge popped out for absolutely no reason. It took me 30 minutes to rework all the dropped stitched and then get it run correctly again. Some of it is my learning curve, but she sure is temperamental. However once I got it going again I worked 25 rows of 130 stitch wide stockinetted in about 30 minutes. So it is fun to do, but not even close to handknitting for creativity and relaxation. But my son loves the blanket and it would take me forever to knit this huge a blanket by hand.

Later, after my adventure to the hair dressers, I worked on Square #8 of my square-a-long afghan. For some reason I ended up having to rip it out twice, even though it is an easy pattern. I think it is because I was trying to watch the figure skating Nationals at the same time, which is not good "knitting" TV. But I did get it straightened out and my girl Michele won her 9th gold medal so it was worth it.

Tomorrow I want to finish the square and get a lot done on the blanket. I am also working another booga bag, I am at the point of picking up stitches and then I will be working in the round. I want to have that ready for some nice "mindless" knitting during the week.

Friday, January 14, 2005

I am getting back in the swing of things

Today after a busy day at work I got myself organized so that I can work on my afghan for knitting class and the one for the Square-A-Long. At class on Tuesday my friend Joni showed me what I was doing wrong on an embossed chain square. It had me twisting two knit stitches, then next row creating a make one pearl, then after 8 more rows dropping that pearl stitch. Since I wasn't doing the twist correctly I would do the ten row repeat, drop the pearl stitch, and the whole thing would self destruct. But now I have the technique down it worked up quickly and finished the square.

I also went through my square-a-long squares and found I have completed squares 1-7, 25, and 28. I found the right yarns and started square #8 which is a two-color rose fabric. Pretty easy, but you knit into the stitch below, something I haven't done before.

I have decided to name my knitting machine the "Diva". It is finicky, requires a very specific environment, is high maintenance, and only works properly when you give it your undivided attention. But it performs beautifully once you cater to all its demands. It is a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine with an extension kit and row counter.

It is currently monopolizing my entire desk and preventing me from using my printer, wastebasket, stapler, or tape for fear of bumping it wrong. It is even trying to hog the space for my new Febreeze Scent Stories player, but there I drew the line. I can live without printing, throwing things away, stapling or taping but I can't survive without aromatherapy. Once I finish the blanket I am making I am going to have to find a better place to put it.

Time to wrap things up for the night, tomorrow I am going to spend hours of chemical torture having my natural blond highlights done. I will at least get to knit while I am baking under the dryer. I promise pictures tomorrow, I took them today but I can't find my transfer cable and am to tired to search further. I suspect the Diva had something to do with its disappearance....

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm back...

and I won't bore you with all the non-knitting events that occurred to cause my absence. But in summary we had Xmas and New Year's, I had my birthday, the boys are back in school, I have taken on new responsibilities at work, and my Dad is still in the hospital. Not much time for knitting or blogging.

However, I think I have it all back to a dull roar now and can have a life again. Guess what I got for Xmas?

  • Bond Knitting Machine
  • Yarn Swift
  • Ball Winder
  • Knit cord machine
  • Photoshop for modifying pictures

Obviously Mrs. Claus is a knitter and a blogger.

The knitting machine is quite an experience. I thought it would be easy but that the results would be disappointing. It is actually the opposite. I love the results but it is tricky and almost as hard to get the hang of as when I first learned hand knitting. But once you get a hang of it you sure can whip out the stockinette.

Don't worry, I am not giving up hand knitting by any means. There are a great deal of things you can't do on the knitting machine. It is just another tool to me, like dpn's, circulars, etc. It is great for the following:

  • Scarves made of worsted, takes one ball and about an hour
  • Blankets, pillow covers and afghans made of acrylic worsted for everyday use, not heirlooms
  • Quick stockinette sweaters, especially for kids (although I have not conquered this yet, but I am almost there
  • Bags to felt

It is also a different experience, not portable, not as relaxing, more about the product then the process. But for the things I listed it is great.

I also signed back up for the ongoing knitting class at the Adult School. My friends talked me into it, even though I will miss quite a few of the classes it will still be worth it when I can make it. I started an afghan there, lots of complicated patterns, and will be picking up where I left off. The two instructors, Charlie and Athena, are wonderful and will give advice and help on any project you bring in.

I am also going to get back involved with the square-a-long, I have kept up with the administration of the newsgroup but haven't posted for ages. I have 7 of the squares done and cast on the next one last night. So I am back with a vengeance, and apologize again for the long absence. I really thank those of you who left me comments, it meant a lot to know that people where reading and took the time to tell me so.

Pictures tomorrow...knitting machine, some finished squares, a new project...

Sunday, December 26, 2004

I'm sorry...

but add up a sick 5 year old, the holidays, mom-in-law who couldn't come because of illness, father in the hospital and you get complete chaos. Not knitting, or blogging. I hope you all forgive me, I will try and get back to my regular schedule tomorrow. I am not sure if anyone is still reading but I will press on! I miss knitting and blogging!

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